Work force and family

Purpose and Vision

We concentrate all our energy into the sustainable development of Society 

Vision of the future
Being an innovative clean energy company, recognized for excellence and sustainability

Corporate governance and ethics

Diversity of the Administrative Council 2019

Leadership development and selection

In line with the legislation and our Bylaws, any appointment to positions at the Administration Council, Executive Board and Fiscal Council is previously analyzed by Eletrobras’ areas of integrity and governance.

We carry out an annual performance evaluation of the Executive Board and the Administrative Board, following the criteria set forth in our internal regulations, in order to support the shareholder’s decision regarding the renewal of management.

Our Bylaws establish that managers must participate, both in office and annually, in specific training on corporate law, capital markets and other topics related to the Company’s activities. Accordingly, in 2019, in partnership with the Corporate University of the Eletrobras System (Unise), the course entitled “Improvement Program for Advisors and Eletrobras Directors” was promoted.

Leadership remuneration

According to Brazilian law, the wages of Administrative or Fiscal Advisors in public companies and federal mixed-capital companies cannot exceed the average monthly compensation of directors by 10%. The Administrative Advisors do not receive any additional compensation for participating in Advisory Committees or Commissions of the Board.

The 2019 Annual Variable Compensation Program (RVA) of 2019 can add up to 3 fees plus a bonus of 1.5 fees, if the established criteria are met and is structured based on business goals, agreed between the Administrative Council and the Executive Board and, subsequently formalized with Sest.

The 2019 RVA indicators are as follows:

Profile of employees and diversity

Eletrosul concluded 2019 with 1,058 employees, 6% less compared to the previous year. This variation was mainly due to the adhesion to the Consensual Dismissal Plan (PDC), for which 57 people were dismissed. The plan was implemented by all Eletrobras companies, according to the Holding’s strategic orientation, with the objective of adapting the staff, generating efficiency in the processes, balance between the teams and a sustainable profile for business and people development in the coming years.

One hundred percent of our employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements and have an indefinite contract.

Career development

The Career and Compensation Plan (PCR) of the Eletrobras companies was created in 2010 to unify the guidelines and policies for positions, career, remuneration and performance, aligning the policies and practices of people management with the strategic business drivers for improving performance organizational, based on competences and focus on results

The Performance Management System (SGD) – used in the company’s performance management is the basis for PCR. The tool allows the automated accomplishment of planning, monitoring, evaluation (goals and competences), development and comparison of the achieved performance with the planned one. In this context, we highlight the evaluation interface with the Corporate Education Plan, Talent and Opportunity Bank, Succession Plan, Knowledge Management and merit distribution.

From the SGD, the Individual Development Plan is prepared. There is also the Team Development Plan, which deals with the planning prepared by the leaders of educational actions for their teams. In 2019, 100% of Eletrosul’s employees underwent performance evaluation.

Training and capability

Eletrobras’ companies follow an education policy, which bases the actions of the corporate university in an integrated and cooperative manner. At Eletrosul, there is a Corporate Education Sector, a Training Center at the headquarters and training rooms in decentralized locations. Moreover, we use a computerized training management system and a virtual learning environment.

Educational actions are continuous and may have a strategic, legal and/or mandatory origin. For the technical qualification. For leadership, there is a specific development program, which applies to sector heads, managers and directors, which includes lectures, courses, workshops and postgraduate courses. We also cover 100% of the costs of postgraduate courses and training abroad, if they are of interest to the Company. We also pay part of the expenses for language courses. Eletrosul promotes internship and hiring programs for young apprentices.

Health and safety at work

Among the goals of the Business and Management Plan for 2019, the one related to improving the accident frequency rate in the company stands out. As a result, we recorded the lowest rate in our history – 1.9 –, compared to 6.13 in 2018. Thus, we concentrate efforts mainly on the registration and disclosure of incidents.

Our actions in this regard are in accordance with the guidelines of the People Management Policy of Eletrobras Companies, which determines the continuous maintenance of good working conditions and well-being of employees and, in turn, are aligned with the Eletrobras Companies Sustainability Policy. Our Occupational Health and Workplace Safety Management is defined in the Workplace Safety and Occupational Health Management Standards and in the Eletrosul’s Occupational Safety, Occupational Health and Social Support Plan (PESSOAS). Among the various programs endeavored by PESSOAS, the following stand out:

  • Environmental Risk Prevention Program (PPRA) and the Technical Report on Environmental Working Conditions (LTCAT);
  • Occupational Health Medical Control Program (PCMSO);
  • Quality of Life Program;
  • Eletrosul’s Emergency Response Plan (PASE);
  • Disability Assistance Program (PAPD);
  • Alcohol and/or Other Drug Dependence Prevention Program;
  • Third of First Program (3D1);
  • Retirement Orientation Program (POPA);
  • Organizational Atmosphere Management Program; and
  • Follow-up Program for Employees Away from Work due to Occupational Illness and/or Accident.

Quality of Life Program

Our quality of life program includes a calendar of campaigns and annual actions, including lectures, guidelines and workshops, initiatives related to the Pink October, Blue November, among other important health events. The week of quality of life takes place in October, and in 2019 the 10th Week of Quality of Life was held, with the objective of promoting the health of employees and contributing with guidelines for health, quality of life and well-being at work.

For the areas of operation and maintenance, which require more physical effort, we offer a conditioning program, which aims to assess the global and specific health for the function of each employee, as well as to raise awareness and guide the achievement of a healthy physical profile for exercise labor.

 Psychosocial assessment also complements the health assessment of workers.