Diversity of the Administrative Council 2019

Clients satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with our technical and operational performance can impact our operation and affect our ability to generate value. For this reason, we maintain a close and constant relationship with this audience, which allows us to receive and give information pertaining to our performance.

Every two years, we approach transmission and generation customers in surveys, based on a commercial perspective. The last one was held in 2018, when we exceeded the goal of 85.31% satisfaction for Eletrobras companies, reaching 94.36%. That same year, we conducted a pilot survey with a technical focus applied to customers of the Eletrosul System Operation, with a questionnaire appropriate to the particularities of this audience. The satisfaction rate found was 94.38% – global satisfaction totaled 94.37%.

Communities safety

All of our plants have an Emergency Situation Assistance Program, which establish responsibilities, measures and effective actions to be taken during contingencies such as natural disasters, spills, fires, problems with information technology, strikes and image crises.

We also have a Transmission Line Emergency Response Plan, which stipulates actions to be taken to reestablish transmission lines in the shortest possible time. The transformers and other equipment have an emergency plan monitored through the Medical Records and Contingency Plans, allowing the continuity of electricity supply. The Substations have the Emergency Situation Assistance Plan (Pase), also contributing to the security of the facilities.

Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System is based on four main elements: the Eletrobras Companies Environmental Policy, the Eletrobras Companies Environment Committee, the Corporate Sustainability Management Indicators System (IGS System) – Environmental Module and the Land and Environmental Information System (Sifa), the latter aligned with the premises of the Geoprocessing Policy. A fifth element is being developed by Eletrobras to monitor the conditions of the Environmental Licensing (SAL) process.

In addition to the communication via the Ombudsman, Eletrosul provides an electronic address to meet specific environmental demands (

Profile of employees and diversity

Eletrosul concluded 2019 with 1,058 employees, 6% less compared to the previous year. This variation was mainly due to the adhesion to the Consensual Dismissal Plan (PDC), for which 57 people were dismissed. The plan was implemented by all Eletrobras companies, according to the Holding’s strategic orientation, with the objective of adapting the staff, generating efficiency in the processes, balance between the teams and a sustainable profile for business and people development in the coming years.

One hundred percent of our employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements and have an indefinite contract.

Social and cultural initiatives

Casa Aberta (Open House) Project

Created with the aim of disseminating information on social, environmental and economic issues to children and adolescents, the Casa Aberta Program reached 29 years of activity. In August, school visits to Eletrosul’s Headquarters in Florianópolis and the facilities in São José (SC) resumed. The itinerant edition of the program was held in Telêmaco Borba and Ortigueira (PR), where the Governador Jayme Canet Júnior Hydroelectric Plant is located.

Inauguration of the Estação do Mar Museum

With an exhibition of rare marine species, some of them threatened with extinction, and paleontological, archaeological and historical pieces, the Estação do Mar Museum (Mema) was inaugurated on October 25, in Florianópolis (SC), with support from Eletrosul. The purpose of the space is to encourage education, culture and tourism in the capital of Santa Catarina, in addition to demonstrating marine biodiversity and the importance of environmental care to preserve species.

Hoje é Dia de Jazz, Bebê! (Today is jazz day, baby!)

On December 1, the last 2019 edition of “Today is Jazz Day, Baby!” Took place in Eletrosul’s courtyard, in Florianópolis (SC). On stage, several Brazilian rhythms and jazz improvisation. On the lawn, storytelling and art workshops. The editions of the free and open to the public event – with support from Eletrosul – brought together thousands of participants through the Municipal Law for Cultural Incentive.

Children Cinema Enxhibition

Considered as the main window of childhood audiovisual in Brazil, the Children’s Cinema Exhibition in Florianópolis (SC) has reached adulthood: 18 years. From June 29 to July 6, the program brought together more than 50 national and international productions with free exhibition for children and adults, in addition to workshops, special sessions and shows. For the 16th time, Eletrosul supported the project through the Municipal Culture Incentive Law.

Music in Schools Project

The Music in Schools Project, which takes instrumental presentations to public schools in Santa Catarina, started a new phase in June with the support of Eletrosul, through the Cultural Incentive Law. In 2019, the social and cultural project promoted about 70 free performances by the state, 12 of which were in Florianópolis.

Floripa Jazz Festival

From May 13 to 19, the capital of Santa Catarina hosted the Floripa Jazz Festival 2019, an event that brought together several attractions in various parts of the city, with much of the free program. The initiative was sponsored by Eletrosul, through the Culture Incentive Law.

Regional Casa da Memória Museum

On May 9, the Regional Museum named Casa da Memória, in Roque Gonzales (RS), was officially inaugurated and opened to the public. The property, restored with resources from Eletrosul, is located in the Permanent Preservation Area of the artificial reservoir of the Passo São João Hydroelectric Plant.

(A)Gentes do Riso (Laughter Agents)

With the sponsorship of Eletrosul, the social project entitled (A) Gentes do Riso once again brought doses of good humor, joy, poetry, music and dance to more than 100 patients admitted to the Joana de Gusmão Children’s Hospital, in Florianópolis (SC). After 11 months of interruption, the project resumed activities in May 2019 through the support of Eletrosul, via the Culture Incentive Law.

Visitation Center of the Cerro Chato Wind Complex

The Federal Sul-Rio-Grandense Institute (IFSul) has made the partnership that provides for the full operation of the Visitation Center of the Cerro Chato Wind Complex official, which was built by Eletrosul in an area of 30 thousand square meters in Sant’Ana do Livramento (RS). The purpose of the partnership, signed in April, is for the building to be used for practical classes and partnerships in extension activities.

Quality of Life Program

Our quality of life program includes a calendar of campaigns and annual actions, including lectures, guidelines and workshops, initiatives related to the Pink October, Blue November, among other important health events. The week of quality of life takes place in October, and in 2019 the 10th Week of Quality of Life was held, with the objective of promoting the health of employees and contributing with guidelines for health, quality of life and well-being at work.

For the areas of operation and maintenance, which require more physical effort, we offer a conditioning program, which aims to assess the global and specific health for the function of each employee, as well as to raise awareness and guide the achievement of a healthy physical profile for exercise labor.

Psychosocial assessment also complements the health assessment of workers.