Clients satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with our technical and operational performance can impact our operation and affect our ability to generate value. For this reason, we maintain a close and constant relationship with this audience, which allows us to receive and give information pertaining to our performance.

Every two years, we approach transmission and generation customers in surveys, based on a commercial perspective. The last one was held in 2018, when we exceeded the goal of 85.31% satisfaction for Eletrobras companies, reaching 94.36%. That same year, we conducted a pilot survey with a technical focus applied to customers of the Eletrosul System Operation, with a questionnaire appropriate to the particularities of this audience. The satisfaction rate found was 94.38% – global satisfaction totaled 94.37%.

Operational performance

We follow a standard of excellence in the generation and transmission of energy, as well as in the maintenance processes of our system. We mention as a standard of excellence the real-time operation performed through the Regional Facilities Operation Centers and coordinated by our Electric System Operation Center, based in Florianópolis.

To ensure increasingly efficient projects, we have included in our 2019-2023 Business and Management Plan the Project Management Maturity Index indicator, whose goal in 2019 was 2.60% – our performance was 10.77% higher, reaching to 2.88%.


Generation ventures in commercial operation total 11 own plants, 1 in consortium and 3 in partnership through Special Purpose Entities (SPEs). We trade energy in the Free Contracting (ACL) and Regulated (ACR) Environments, the latter being the environment where the Passo São João, Jayme Canet Júnior, São Domingos, Cerro Chato Wind Complex and about 65% of the Surroundings II (Coxilha Seca, Capão do Inglês and Warehouses). In the ACL, energy from the Barra do Rio Chapéu and João Borges Small Hydroelectric Plants and the MW Solar plant are traded, as well as the non-committed energy in the ACR of the Entorno II Wind Complex. In addition to our own ventures, we purchase energy from SPEs of which we are partners. This energy is fully negotiated in the ACL.

In order to continue guaranteeing our excellent performance, we monitor, through our 2019-2023 Business and Management Plan, the Relative Generation Availability indicator (DISPGR) which, in 2019, had a target of 1.00%, against a final result of 1.03%, that is, a positive performance of 3.00%.


At the end of 2019, our transmission network totaled 12,243.55 kilometers of transmission lines, 44 substations and a frequency converter. During the year, we invested R$ 27.8 million in the expansion and infrastructure of the transmission system in the South Region and the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, in addition to R$ 12.6 million in reinforcements and improvements. Of the projects in progress or about to start, in December 2019, we had already completed and energized the Transmission System Connection Contract (CCT – SE Itajaí 230/138 kV – EXPANSION “F”) and the Aneel Authorization of foundation adequacy for the 230 kV LT Jorge Lacerda B – Palhoça – REA 7,759/2019. The remaining facilities must be completed within the deadlines established by the regulatory agency.

In compliance with Normative Resolution No. 729/2016, we met the requirements for compliance with Variable Portion (PV). To this end, we monitored the performance of the variable portion, having set a target of 1.5% PV in 2019, which we exceeded, reaching 1.96%.

Our rates reach or exceed those agreed with Aneel – in 2019, we registered an operational availability of transmission lines (DISPOLT) of 99.97%. The availability achieved exceeds the goal of 99.84% estimated in the Business and Management Plan (PNG) 2019-2023 by 13.00%.

Business ethics and integrity

The values practiced by Eletrobras companies are defined at PDNG 2020-2024:

  • Respect for people and life
  • Ethics and Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration and recognition

We have policies and procedures to mitigate the actual and potential impacts of risks associated with business ethics and integrity. We have a structure of controls applicable to all employees, suppliers, business partners and members of boards and councils and we maintain a Permanent Ethics Committee, which is responsible for applying the guidelines of the Public Ethics Committee, strengthening the commitments provided for in the Code of Ethical Conduct and Integrity, through educational actions, and to investigate, through complaints or letters, infractions in this sense. The general integrity management is in charge of the Compliance, Control and Risk Advisory, linked to the presidency of Eletrosul.

The main ethics and integrity actions in 2019

  • approval of the Anticorruption Policy and the Integrity Guides;
  • adherence to the Eletrobras Code of Ethical Conduct and Integrity;
  • organization of the 15th Seminar on Ethics Management in Stateowned Companies;
  • establishment of monitoring indicators for the Integrity Program;
  • training of nominees by the Company to members of the Fiscal Council and Management of Special Purpose Companies (SPEs);
  • awareness of suppliers exposed to the risk of fraud and corruption;
  • training of contract managers and inspectors;
  • training of sponsors, agreements and SPE management operators;
  • periodic communication on ethics and integrity;
  • creation of a third-party integrity risk classification procedure;
  • application of distance learning course for employees, directors and
  • advisors; and
  • approval of the Conflict of Interest Administration Policy.

In 2019, 94 of our suppliers were assessed for risks related to corruption, equivalent to 94.95% of our critical suppliers (99 in all). The main risks identified were of non-compliance with the Integrity Program, in the relationship with the public sector, in donations to third parties, convictions for fraud and corruption, corporate structure not in compliance with Act 13,303/2016, unethical conduct of legal entities and their staff and risk management by third parties. No corruption cases were confirmed at Eletrosul in 2019.

Integrity Program

We follow the Eletrobras Compliance Program, supported by the Executive Board and the Administrative Council. The following image summarizes the guidelines for this initiative.

Human rights

We are aligned with the actions and policies originating from the public authorities and with human rights initiatives worldwide disseminated and adopted by business organizations. We are signatories to the Global Compact, which presents, among its principles, those of respecting and protecting human rights and preventing violations. We are also committed with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We act in line with the Social Responsibility Policy and the Code of Ethical Conduct and Integrity of Eletrobras Companies, explaining guidelines for issues related to human rights, gender, race and diversity. Through these documents, Eletrobras companies determine that social and cultural diversities and individual differences must be respected and valued. All forms of discrimination must be combated and everyone must be treated equally and without prejudice of a social, cultural, ethnic or gender origin, age, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation or physical, mental and mental condition. We have goals related to human rights in our Business and Management Plan, as can be seen below: